Shot on a clockwork Bolex in 16mm. Cut by hand on a four plate Steinbeck.

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Film = light + chemicals.

Shooting on 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm I learnt about making films, with film.

I later worked in Soho as Head of Video and a senior Avid (digital) editor yet nothing beat the enjoyment of shooting on film and cutting on a four plate Steinbeck.

It's very different to have to storyboard and cut with care (the precious film hangs behind you into an actual "bin").

All effects were done in camera.

Films coming soon

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Dedicated to the memory of my film tutor Tomasz Pobóg-Malinowski.

With thanks.

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Nothing I done would have been possible without the creativity, kindness, hard work and professionalism of friends and family. Thank you.

Behind the scenes.

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All shows start with an empty room, theatre or tent & a contract to be signed. And so it begins. Here are some behind the scenes pictures.

In construction.

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I’m building this website live, so please forgive blank pages and missing information. It will always be a work in progress so please check back for new details.